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Energy medicineChris is knowledgeable, skilled, professional, and highly intuitive in her work. I feel very safe and well-cared for when she does Energy Medicine. She knows just where to go and what to do to bring my energies into a happy state of balance. I love Chris and am so happy to have found her! - KC

Chris is a gifted and dedicated provider of energy medicine. She is able to listen to a client on multiple levels, hearing what is articulated through energy, words, emotion and movement. Chris has worked compassionately, patiently and skillfully with me on chronic complex, interrelated health issues of longstanding duration. I have experienced more pain relief from her work than from traditional medicine. She provides excellent instruction on energy medicine techniques during sessions. The homework she assigns is invaluable and she is always willing to share video links or websites that augment her material. I could not recommend Chris more highly as a guide to and collaborator in healing. - MC

Having never had energy work done on me before, I was a little apprehensive about the experience, but upon entering the studio where Chris works, I instantly felt at ease. Chris made the experience feel natural and relaxing! She explained what she was doing, checked in frequently, and gave me tools and practices to help myself heal! - MH

I want to convey my positive experiences exploring and utilizing energy medicine in my healing at a critical juncture in my medical journey. With Chris Wheeler as my teacher, empowering and guiding me with the tools and knowledge needed to mobilize the energy fields, made a tremendous difference in improving my health. Her healing hands and calm and thoughtful spirit added so much to this healing. Once I learned the techniques, I found them easy to do and could actually feel the energy shifting in positive response. The results brought forth my own self-healing abilities and allowed my body to rely on its own natural ability to heal. This is what I love about energy medicine and why I recommend this wonderful enhancement to your own good health that is powerful and effective - BM

These are words that come to mind when I contemplate our time together -- encouraged, empowered, accepted completely, educated in the 'moreness possibilities' of being a human being. I never felt you were trying to 'fix' me or get me some place. Rather that you were simply present with me where I was in any given moment supporting me in trusting my own wisdom. - EF

“Each person is unique. Every one of us is on a healing journey….that no one else has ever before traveled.” – Donna Eden