Your body carries an intelligence…that exceeds the understanding of your intellect.” – Donna Eden


I offer services in the areas of:

For in-person sessions, I often move in and among these modalities.

I work with people online (via video or phone) in the areas of Eden Energy Medicine coaching, EFT/Matrix Reimprinting and distance healing.

My practice is organized around my roles as healer, coach and health educator. I work with your energy to enhance its flow and vibrancy. I show you how to apply basic methods of maintaining energetic balance as freely as you might exercise, practice yoga, meditate, or use relaxation techniques.

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a photo of an energy medicine session

“Chris is a gifted and dedicated provider of energy medicine. She is able to listen to a client on multiple levels, hearing what is articulated through energy, words, emotion and movement. Chris has worked compassionately, patiently and skillfully with me on chronic complex, interrelated health issues of longstanding duration. I have experienced more pain relief from her work than from traditional medicine. She provides excellent instruction on energy medicine techniques during sessions. The homework she assigns is invaluable and she is always willing to share video links or websites that augment her material. I could not recommend Chris more highly as a guide to and collaborator in healing.” – MC