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Energy medicineDonna Eden’s website (the “official Eden Energy Medicine” site) with information about Energy Medicine classes, practitioners, Innersource publications and other great resources.

Donna Eden explaining and demonstrating the Daily Energy Routine (DER). This is a great video to practice the DER along with someone!

If you are just beginning with Eden Energy Medicine or need some additional motivation, you can access a library of videos with a variety of folks doing the Daily Energy Routine. The videos are 5-7 minutes long and you can folflow along with one video per day for 28 days to really get your energies humming! Click here to take the 28-Day Daily Energy Routine Challenge!

Donna Eden and her daughters (Titanya and Dondi Dahlin) demonstrate a large variety of “1-minute” quick energy balances in these “Wednesday Energy Minute” videos.

The official “Eden Energy Medicine Programs” Facebook group offers information on EM classes, practitioners and fun tidbits!

Imaginal Health is the website of Prune Harris, one of my favorite EM practitioners in the UK. She has put together an incredibly rich library of articles and videos that you can find on her website.